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julià pujol

This is me! a passionate freak of Digital Analytics, amateur runner, wine lover and chess player (what a combination! right?). I enjoy to figure out the ‘why’ of things and that leads me to achieve my goals (well, sometimes… lottery I’ve never won yet’! ;P). Life has taught me to believe in karma so I decided to create this blog for share all my knowledge trying to help those who are starting in this fast and funny changing job. In return all I want are just your comments! I used to talk before listening until I realized how foolish it was. I try to learn from others by paying attention to their thoughts and words, that’s for me the wise way to grow. Nothing is impossible! It will just take you a little bit more time. The challenges exist to be overcomed.

I am passionate about my job. I take it as a hobby and I always try to share my analytics knowledge with my colleagues and now, worldwide! I am not afraid of failure, it is precisely what helps me to improve, as someone said: “I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.”. Trying to see the glass half-full instead of half-empty. After the worst experiences, there is always one learning that can be applied on a near future.

Julià Pujol
Julià Pujol

I love my country, the culture, people, character, meal, traditions, forests, beaches… everything! We tend to be part of everything that surrounds us so I’m proud to be part of all of it. Some people think that can work in digital marketing without technical knowledge, how are you going to know what is happing in front of the screen without any idea of what is happening behind the scenes? You are in a position to choose, are you a digital speaker or a digital maker? Technical skills will lead you to be the best in this job, giving to you a 360º overview about what is really happening on the app/web site as well as a deeper understanding about what data means. Remember, data is analyzed as it’s collected, most people fail precisely on this point and therefore their conclusions are useless. “Good enough is rarely good, and it’s never great. Be great.”

Care about passion! Digital Marketing, specially data folks, are highly demanded, but there is no success without passion so make sure analytics is something you enjoy, otherwise you’ll fail. Learn about translate data hits to analytics metrics and then to business goals. Those goals is what business cares about, don’t lose your time explaining analytics particularities, you just have to understand them and show the insights. Remember, always put a little of your intuition over the data, “Not everything that can be counted counts, and not everything that counts can be counted.” Enjoy with the blog!

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