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Items Storage, the cookies’ big brothers! (+ cross domain trick) premium
The cookies are not the only way to save users’ data at the browsers, there are many other methods to do it. After cookies, the most relevant tool to store and hold data it’s called Item Storage or just Storage, which has great advantages as well as big downsides compared to the cookies.
Iframe, what is its role on digital marketing? premium
If you work on digital, you probably have heard about iframes but, have you ever wondered what exactly it is? Just take a look at the above image, have you seen it? Yes it’s just a window! Okay, so let’s say an iframe is everything you see through the window, the chairs, the grasp, the sea, […]
Real time Data Layer: Fixing the user timings’ tracking premium
Squash is an hilarious sport, don’t you agree? It requires both, intelligence and technical skills. I used to play it a lot after work with my former colleagues, we had a lot of fun playing together. Sometimes I remember that I had to play alone (well.. against the wall!), as anybody wasn’t available for whatever […]
Tracking pixels, tags, web beacons… Do you really think you control your own data? premium
In my last post I’ve detailed the main aspects of the cookies, their capabilities, their limitations and how manage them. This post was mainly targeted to folks like us, digital marketers that deploy tools through Tag Management Systems that could potentially use the cookies capabilities to improve the tracking strategies for extract better insights.
Cookies, understand them once and for all! premium
‘Cookies’ might be one of the most misused word in the digital marketing environment while being the most frequent topic discussed among digital marketers. Judging by the times and contexts I’ve listened this word being pronounced in the middle of a meeting, I’d say that cookies are able to make anything, even coffee. Things are changing and people […]
Data Layer, from business to technical scope – Part II premium
This is the second part of  Data Layer, from business to technical scope – Part I post. As promised in this second part I’ll go through the connection between our custom Data Layer and the Tag Management System, specifically to Dynamic Tag Management and Google Tag Management. If you’ve read the first part of Data Layer post […]
March 18, 2016
Data Layer, from business to technical scope – Part I premium
There is a general consensus about how Digital Analytics structures have to be deployed, which can be summarize in four steps: Goals definition, Data processing, Technical implementation and Data Analysis. What marketers are looking forward and normally care much about is for the last one, for example they want to know how many times the form […]
Google Analytics Custom Dimensions vs Adobe Analytics Conversion Variables (eVar) premium
Each analytics tool, such as Google Analytics or Adobe Analytics, processes data collected in a different way and provides their own variables with their own peculiarities, that’s why you have to understand the Data collection and Variables relation pretty clear to know how convert the business requirements to analytics variables.
Digital Analytics Fundamentals premium
Has been a long since I started on digital analysis world and to be honest, has been a funny but hard path. Most of people start to get in touch with digital marketing environment through media, optimizing and improving online campaigns, trying to impact the proper audience and therefore trying to save unnecessary costs (yes, […]